Getting Started: The admission process is easy. We accept referrals from physicians, physician assistants and certified nurse practitioners. All therapy services require a current order (prescription). If you are interested in becoming a patient please contact the specific location during business hours or discuss your concerns with your doctor who can prescribe an evaluation and/or treatment. 

After you receive a prescription from your doctor, please contact our office and we will schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation. A licensed therapist will perform a detailed examination expanding on your doctor's diagnosis. This evaluation includes several assessments such as Range Of Motion, strength, posture and balance. Your treatment plan may include modalities (ultrasound, electric stimulation, ice), manual therapy, strengthening exercises, stretching and a tailored home exercise program. Your therapist will also teach you ways to help yourself and prevent further injury. 

Insurance Verification: We accept most insurances and our staff verifies each patient’s coverage before scheduling their appointments. We perform an initial health screening and monitor each patient’s health throughout their treatment. 

Appointments: We schedule therapy appointments according to patient and therapist availability and prior commitments/schedules. 

Our therapists recommend 1-3 appointments weekly for 30-60 minute sessions based on the physician's prescription and the patient's availability. We book standing appointments and usually carry them over from week to week. We make every possible effort to schedule patients at times that are most convenient and we do take early and late appointments as needed. 

**All new patients must have physician's orders for treatment/therapy.