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Pro Step Lubbock offers comprehensive rehabilitation services including physical, occupational, and speech therapy in a variety of settings.   Our commitment to hiring superior staff, providing the highest level of care and implementing unparalleled opportunities for clinical growth sets our team and patient care apart.  Pro Step clinicians offer the wisdom, technological skill and generosity of spirit to provide the best in individualized and progressive care in the following areas:

Physical Therapy
Speech-Language Therapy
Feeding/swallowing Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy:
    *Therapeutic Strengthening
    *Osteoporosis Programs
    *Fall Prevention
    *Neurodevelopmental Treatment/ Re-Education
    *Gait Analysis/Training
    *Therapeutic Modalities
    *Pain Management/Chronic Pain
    *Bioness Screenings and Therapy
    *Orthopedic Treatments
    *Wheelchair Seating Assessment/Fitting/Training
    *Balance Disorders
    *Multidisciplinary and Multi-Protocol Intervention 
        for Autism Spectrum Disorders
    *Functional Mobility 
    *Lee Silverman Certified

Occupational Therapy:  
    *Activities of Daily Living Training/Re-Training
    *Environmental Modification Assessments
    *Sensory Integration and Modulation Disorders
    *Neurodevelopmental Education/Re-Education
    *Handwriting, Stability, Attention and Reading 
    *Multidisciplinary and Multi-Protocol Intervention 
        for Autism Spectrum Disorders
    *Multidisciplinary Feeding Program
    *Visual Motor and Visual 
        Perceptual Skill Development Programs
    *Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development 
Speech Therapy:
    *Assessment/Training for Augmentative 
        Communication Technologies
    *Foreign Accent Reduction
    *Dysphagia and Behavioral Feeding Programs
    *Cognitive Training/Re-Training
    *Articulation and Fluency/Stuttering Treatment
    *Multidisciplinary Feeding Program
    *Language Development Therapy
    *Parkinson's Program
    *Cochlear Implant Language Therapy
    *Programs and Therapies for:
        Articulation Disorders, Auditory Processing 
        Disorders, Reading/Spelling Deficits, 
        Dysphasia, Feeding and Swallowing 
        Problems, Apraxia, Sensory Integration 
        Disorders, Receptive/Expressive Language 
        Disorders/Delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders
   *Special Therapies for Autism and Autism 
        Spectrum Disorders

Social Work Services:
    *Assistance with therapy reimbursement
    *Assistance with transportation
    *Case management
    *Connections to area resources and agencies 
In addition to exceptional clinical support and services, Pro Step offers Management Support and access to our broad network of tools, resources and experienced consultants.  With Pro Step, this access means you have a partner in your success!